Sydney University - Roof

We were out priced by a competitor, we specified removing the existing
membrane back to the sub floor. Our competitor decided to torch membrane directly on
top of the existing membrane. 4 months later we received a call to return and investigate as a leak persisted. After our investigation we were given the project to remediate.

We found three torch on systems, which means two previous waterproofer installed directly on top of existing torch on. Water was present as each layer was removed. In the plant room they torched on top of existing liquid membrane. We found the outlet channel damaged causing one of many leaks.

Schedule of works: Roof 

Remove all layers of Torch on membrane

Prime the substrate.

Torch on 1st coat of Soprema 3.0S membrane.

Torch on 2nd coat of Soprema 4AR mineral.

Paint Alsan flashing throughout the terrace.


Schedule of works: Plant Room

Remove the Torch on membrane.

Prime the substrate.

Install two coats WPA 990 UV Stable Membrane

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