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Why your Balcony requires Sufficient Waterproofing!

It’s imperative that balcony structures are solid, particularly if they are positioned high up in an apartment building. One of the best ways to secure them is by ensuring the balcony is adequately waterproofed, reducing its susceptibility to the elements. Waterproofing a balcony will strengthen the structure of it dramatically, and any style of the balcony can be easily waterproofed nowadays through the torch on membrane waterproofing method. Here’s why your balcony needs sufficient waterproofing.

When we think of waterproofing, we generally think of bathrooms and rooms that are susceptible to a lot of water. Balconies are in fact one of the most common failure points we come across due to their exposure to the elements, in particular, water. Water damage can be detrimental and will generally cost an alarm and a leg to fix, so it’s important to try and avoid the problem in the first place.

Concrete is a material that when affected by water can begin to weaken and crack. If cracking starts to occur, even more, water will get into the concrete and the problems will grow exponentially.

Usually structured within the concrete, steel is what holds the balcony together. If the concrete is affected by water, then the steel will be too, causing it to rust and become very weak.

Sometimes timber is used for balconies, generally in homes. If these timber structures are not sufficiently waterproofed then they can potentially rot and make the balcony extremely dangerous.

If you notice that the base of your balcony is looking a bit weathered, it’s important to take action. Even if you’re just having doubts about the safety of your balcony, it’s worth consulting with some waterproofing contractors in Sydney, so you can obtain that peace of mind. Making sure your balcony is in a safe condition should be a top priority of yours, so you can avoid the absolute worst case scenario of it collapsing.
















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