• Stephen Deasy

3 reason of waterproofing your roof

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Inadequate waterproofing methods will ultimately lead to massive water damage throughout the whole building. this will affect the overall structure of the building as well as the living conditions. Humidity and moisture are notorious for seeping into the interior of a building and causing great damage. This can lead to build-ups of mould, cracking of walls and the peeling of wall paint.

Future benefits

A building with sufficient roof waterproofing will not be susceptible to all the negative impacts water damage can have. A building that receives minimal damage will last a long time and offer a comfortable and safe space for work and living throughout the entirety of its life.

Financially advantageous

Another great long-term benefit of solid roof waterproofing is the money you will save. While you may be hesitant due to the initial cost, high-quality waterproofing will no doubt pay off and the long-term savings will make it all worth it. If your building does happen to fall victim to water damage, and its structures begin to fail, it will cost you a premium to fix and be very time-consuming.

Health problems

Water damaged buildings can lead to some serious health problems for those working/living there. Moulds and mildews can quite easily grow in the presence of moisture, leading to harmful bacteria spreading. It can be quite dangerous if these bacteria are inhaled. As well as these health problems, the odour that moulds produce is very unpleasant, making for poor living conditions.
















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