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Thinking of waterproofing your Bathroom?

Building from scratch or renovating? Bathroom waterproofing is important. Protect yourself from water damage – contact Full Spec Group today.

Bathroom Waterproofing – A MUST for any renovation project.

Embarking on a bathroom renovation project is always exciting, but if you want to minimise the risk of building defects and costly repairs you will need to pay close attention to waterproofing. All too often contractors cut corners when waterproofing bathroom areas, and as a result the structural integrity of your home is placed at risk. Don’t become a statistic – engage the waterproofing experts at Full Spec.

In this blog post, we will highlight bathroom waterproofing requirements and why they are so important. We want you and your family to enjoy your new bathroom for many years to come, so please contact us today to enquire about our Sydney bathroom waterproofing services.

What do the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and Australian Standards (AS) say about waterproofing?

There are specific requirements that bathrooms are required to adhere to, but requirements may differ depending on the materials used. AS 3740-2004 sets forth the requirements.

Key Points:

Showers – the shower floor must be completely waterproof, and the shower walls should be waterproofed to at least 150mm. Shower walls must also be water resistant to 1800mm from the finished floor level.

Bathroom Floors – if you’re going to opt for wooden bathroom floors, you will need to ensure the entire floor is waterproofed. This is also a requirement if your bathroom is located above ground level.

Wall Junctions/Joints

must be waterproofed. This can be achieved with the use of membranes and reinforcing tape. We will determine the most appropriate membrane based on your choice of materials and recess type.






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