• Stephen Deasy

Why waterproofing measure fail

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Poor preparation – Any issues with waterproofing commonly stem from poor preparation and planning.

Pre-existing moisture

Before waterproofing, the surface should be completely dry. Moisture being present can compromise the effectivity of any waterproofing applied.

Failure to caulk / mastic

The sole purpose of the caulk / mastic is to seal the joints in preparation for the membrane.

Failure to prime

Aside from ridding the surface of moisture, it should also be primed. Otherwise, the waterproofing solution will be uneven and won’t adhere efficiently

Failure to upturn your membrane

The upturn is a vital part of waterproofing, at the point of the upturn, if it is not waterproofed the floor membrane will be comprised and moisture will penetrate the floor membrane.






#Epoxy membrane










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